How to Get Out of a Selling Rut & Regain Your Selling Spark.

Learn practical strategies that will help you recapture your passion for selling, connect emotionally with your customers, and expand personally and professionally in the process. Read more

Leaders have to help their companies adopt a three-dimensional view of their brands in which the company’s conversation across all levels and departments, and its conversation with customers and various other constituencies, help to dynamically co-create brand identity and strategy. Read more

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This book is written in a pragmatic, hard-hitting fashion that salespeople, business owners, and senior executives alike can easily absorb. It illustrates key teaching points through numerous case studies, proven personal selling experiences, anecdotes, and common Brand examples in the marketplace.
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Selling Power
Sales reps should not only be able to articulate their brand strengths, they should leverage them as a major selling tool. After all, your products, prices, and service can all be duplicated by the competition, but the power of your brand, says Stiff, is unique to your company alone. Read more

A good sales manager should "get out of the way" of salespeople and let their individuality shine. Read more

B to B
Let's shatter two myths: First, brand does not belong to marketing. In fact, when leveraged well, brand is a powerful tool that can be used by sales to boost your company's performance and profits. Read more

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"It [selling] starts with your attitude, your narratives, your thought tracks, and even your outlook on the day," Stiff says. "A great salesperson should feel proud of his profession, and see himself as a Brand ambassador." Read more

Fuel Get Inside the Mind of the Buyer
Understanding why consumers choose your brand

Why would consumers buy your brand? Ask the average business owner or salesperson that question and you’ll probably get a blank stare. Read more

Globe and mail. com Consultant Dan Stiff offers advice on creating lasting customer loyalty in Sell The Brand First Read more

You have a BtoB brand whether you intend to or not. Now what? Companies that cater to the tradesman rather than the consumer don't understand what separates them from their competition in most instances. But what separates them is their brand.Read more

As a manager, you need to get comfortable with the success stories of your brand in the marketplace and make those stories part of your company’s selling arsenal. By articulating your brand story, you will convey your company’s unique advantages, engage the customer... Read more