“Practical advice on how all salespeople can use the brand to boost their sales.”
-Neil Rackham, bestselling author of Spin Selling

“Selling a product without the brand is like selling a car without the wheels! This is a great read for anyone who touches the customer and interfaces with the brand!”
-Dan Gregory, Vice President - Marketing, DeWALT Industrial Tools

“If you want to build your brand and think it resides only in the territory of marketing, then read Sell the Brand First and put its new principles to work.”
-Clifford Hall, Chief Operating Officer, Timex Group

“Building a successful organization requires all employees to focus on continually creating brand value, especially salespeople who are the first line to customers. Dan Stiff's approach provides sales professionals with a unique framework to do just that.”
-Paul Butler, Director, Global Organizational Learning and Development, Gillette

“In today's business environment of mega retailers, global product sourcing and private label brands, domestic manufacturers must focus on 'selling the brand first' to add value. A seasoned industry executive, Stiff shares insightful, hard-hitting examples of Brand Selling at its best!”
-Thomas P. Armstrong, Vice President-Vendor Service, Home Depot